Mission Statement

Norwich Community Bees is a community-supported, non-profit making cooperative venture, supported by the subscriptions, time and effort of its members. Membership for 2012 is just £20, and the money will be used for setting up and maintaining the scheme; any money left over at the end of each year can be returned to the members or reinvested in the following year, though members are encouraged to stay in the scheme for five years. All members will receive an equal share of any produce from the hive(s),as well as the opportunity to come along to any social events we may wish to hold.
The scheme is broadly based on the Sustainable Bee scheme in Bungay and aims to: 
  • Support efforts to halt the decline of the honey bee in England
  • Promote the concept of community supported agriculture
  • Engage its members and the wider community with the theory and practice of beekeeping
  • Train its members, where possible, in formal beekeeping skills, and encourage the spread of small-scale beekeeping
  • Provide a focus for community activity, and encourage social engagement
  • Provide honey and other produce for its members
Norwich Community Bees is a democratic venture and members will be entitled and encouraged to take an active part in the decision making process.